PSP-3000 says it’s still around: Core Pack goes for $99 at Amazon

It is time for the PSP price to be cut down

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The PSP may be nearly 8 years old and succeeded by the Vita, but we’re not turning our noses up at the PSP-3000 Core Pack going for $99 at Amazon. That’s a meaty $30 off the regular price, and excellent value for a handheld with an extensive library – one that’s still growing, by the way.

The Core Pack is just a fancy name for the base unit plus adapter and battery, so don’t expect any games bundled in. Its color is as above, which is apparently “Piano Black.”

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Augmented Reality is Limitless



I recently purchased myself a PS Vita that I had been wanting for quite sometime now. Thanks to black friday deals I scored one incredibly cheap. When I was first unboxing it, I noticed that included within were these 6 plastic playing card like things with oddly familar symbols in them, looking somewhat similar to simplified QR codes. I read the instructions included and discovred them to be WAAR cards (Wide Area Augmented Reality). It is truly amazing what they can do. Here is a video trailer and ill post a link to a more detailed usage of them.


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Review: Phantasy Star Portable

カレーまみれ勇者の冒険 Curry Chronicles

I’ve gotten bored of unstructured rambling about games, so for this time I shall return to my good ol’ organized review format. Rejoice…uh, whoever preferred the old format.

Phantasy Star Portable is a spin-off of Sega’s franchise, Phantasy Star Online. That itself is a spin-off (or I guess not spin-off, since it’s been more prominent that its main series for the past decade) of  Phantasy Star, a set of four RPGs with a sci-fi theme for the Sega Saturn. 4chan’s /jrpg/ loves it (the original series, I mean).  Phantasy Star Portable (which I shall now refer to as PSP1 for short) is an Action RPG that consists of button mashing, dungeon crawling, loot collecting, and…that’s basically it. It was pretty fun and relaxing for most of the ride, but not really my kind of thing. It tries hard to feel like an MMO, but since I don’t like MMOs much…

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