Change the Power LED Color on a PSP

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The handheld PSP video game system has sold to players worldwide. This small, individual system is loved by people of all ages, and has been a hit since it was introduced to the market. With so many people owning this game system, it’s understandable that you’d want to make yours unique. It’s possible to change the LED color lights on your PSP. You’ll need to take care while disassembling and reassembling your PSP, but it is possible to do on your own.


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      Unplug your PSP from the power adapter, if it’s currently plugged in. Turn off the system. Slide the battery cover off and remove the battery. You’ll want your system shut down before changing the LED color.

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      Remove the screws that hold the faceplate in place. There will be two underneath the battery and two more underneath the warranty sticker. There are two more on the…

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