Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment ISO

This is a game, but you are not a player. A KO in Sword Art Online means certain death. Veteran gamer Kirito leads the players to the 75th level of the labyrinth, and there he defeats the game master Heathcliff. However, that isn’t the end of the story, because he still hasn’t found a way to log out and bring his friends back to reality.

The game takes place after the end of the first story arc. Kirito and his friends are on the 76th level of the labyrinth. The creator of the series, best-selling writer Reki Kawahara have designed new trials for the characters. In this game, you will be partnered up with an AI controlled character, by fighting with him or her side by side, you can raise your partner into someone you can truly entrust your back to.


Sword Art Online Infinity Moment Release Date: March 14th, 2013.


All hosts: http://pastebin.com/fQAsP2b1

Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment (NPJH-50701) CWCheats: Download

69 thoughts on “Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment ISO

  1. Hi. I LOVE SAO and want to check out this game bit I am totally clueless on how to download and get a compatible player for it. Any chance you could help? Thanks!

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