Summon Night 4


The main character was the boss of a small inn. One day when he was on an excursion with his good friends, he had a fated meeting with “dragon children”. And from the moment the “dragon children” arrived, evil forces attempted to make them their own. So the main character stood up for the “dragon children”, combining their wondrous powers and help from good friends, to engage in a struggle to protect innocence from evil forces.




6 thoughts on “Summon Night 4

  1. I’m having trouble patching this… apparently with each iso file I try to patch (even my own UMD), it freezes after a battle in Chapter 10. No one’s seemed to have caught this yet since, I’m assuming, no one’s played that far. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. I downloaded Summon Night 4 a few days ago and ran into the same problem in Chapter 10 where my psp just freezes and shuts off. Any solution or help would be greatly appreciated.

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