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EDIT : a movement called Operation Suzaku has risen to ask for Type-0 localization. JOIN NOW!

I’m shocked when I see the gigantic buzz around Square Enix’s new contest, in which they propose tho award the title of «Super Final Fantasy fan».

Let’s rewind to the beginning of the story. Final Fantasy Type-0, outstanding title that achieved outstanding sales in Japan, has been denied to us westerners for unknown reasons. Final Fantasy VersusXIII, highly anticipated by those who wait for the renewal of the series, has been slipped under the rug. Lightning Returns, which is due to conclude the Lightning saga in a most impressive way, hasn’t shown even a screenshot. Final Fantasy X HD triggers nothing but embarrassment from SquareEnix officials. The Luminous Engine, supposed to welcome the first next-gen Final Fantasy, has just disappeared in the shadow of Unreal Engine 4. Mr. SquareEnix, the super-fan of…

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