Ragnarok Tactics

Acclaimed localization studio and video game publisher Aksys Games today announced that a strategy RPG based on the Ragnarok universe would be coming to North America as Ragnarok Tactics for the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system. Developed by APOLLOSOFT and Chime, Ragnarok Tactics features an epic original story with numerous warring factions and multiple endings! Featuring an all-new battle system with some familiar Ragnarok universe job classes, creatures, and culture, Ragnarok Tactics is sure to sate your hunger for tactical MMO-inspired combat!


Vita Firmware 2.00 Released


A new firmware update, 2.00, is now available for Vita. Along with the addition of an email app, the ability to save content from your Vita to PC via WiFi, and a few improvements to some other programs, the main feature of the 2.00 update is PlayStation Plus. A PlayStation Plus subscription will allow Vita users to download 6 Vita games for free, each month.

Examiner.com reports, “The starting six games include Uncharted: Golden AbyssGravity RushWipeout 2048Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs AttackJet Set Radio and the PSP classic, Final Fantasy Tactics.” They also go on to say, “If you already have a PS Plus subscription for your PS3, you’re PS Vita will be included at no additional charge,” which is kind of a no brainer on Sony’s behalf. Vita users will also get 1GB of cloud storage if they have PlayStation Plus.

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Sony releases PlayStation Mobile SDK to the public

PlayStation Arena

Great move, Sony. The company today released the public version of the PlayStation Mobile SDK, allowing independent developers to create content for the Vita, PS3, and other certified devices, and sell them on the PlayStation Store.

For the annual cost of $99, developers can create apps for the Vita, PS3, PSP, and PlayStation Certified Android devices. Sony is also offering development support to the community.

Although it’s a move that Sony should’ve made earlier (like, say, closer to the Vita’s launch), it’s still a great one. Surely this will get more developer and consumer support behind the Vita and help to boost sales.

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One Piece: Romance Dawn – Bouken no Yoake ISO



It’s every youth’s dream to sail the seven seas and become the pirate king. Join Luffy. One Piece Romance Dawn follows Luffy’s story from the very beginning. So wait no longer. Taste the devil fruit, recruit your crew members and start your voyage.

From the comical moments to the battle scenes, the game covers everything charming about the show. The battles are turn-based. Depending on the situation, the player can choose different attacks. And to make everything realistic, animated cut-ins, dialogues during the fight, and even the rip of the clothes are included. 

Experience the touching scenes, the hot blooded moments and the feel of the adrenaline rush.




Release Date: Dec 20th, 2012.




Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment ISO

This is a game, but you are not a player. A KO in Sword Art Online means certain death. Veteran gamer Kirito leads the players to the 75th level of the labyrinth, and there he defeats the game master Heathcliff. However, that isn’t the end of the story, because he still hasn’t found a way to log out and bring his friends back to reality.

The game takes place after the end of the first story arc. Kirito and his friends are on the 76th level of the labyrinth. The creator of the series, best-selling writer Reki Kawahara have designed new trials for the characters. In this game, you will be partnered up with an AI controlled character, by fighting with him or her side by side, you can raise your partner into someone you can truly entrust your back to.


Sword Art Online Infinity Moment Release Date: March 14th, 2013.


All hosts: http://pastebin.com/fQAsP2b1

Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment (NPJH-50701) CWCheats: Download

CK's Blog (or second site)

The first haul for November.  There are more to come, but let’s get started.

From Japan, I received this faster than expected.  This is Welcome to Pia Carrot!! 4 LE published by GN Software for the PSP.  If you want the proper Japanese name of the game, it’s Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! 4 Natsu no Kioku.  This is an all-age version port from the original PC eroge by Cocktail Soft.

As you may know from my main site, I am a huge Pia Carrot!! 3 fan.  This game (after two games from the Welcome to Pia Carrot!! series) is the true sequel.  It has Akemi Hasegawa in it which is one of my favourite characters from Pia Carrot!! 3.  Although I haven’t played this game yet, it sadly looks like she is dumb down for some reason.  Oh my poor girl!

Anyways, this LE mainly has the special set lunch…

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