Review: Nayuta no Kiseki

カレーまみれ勇者の冒険 Curry Chronicles

I think my next three game reviews are going to be borderline rant or of not-so-great games, so let me sneak in a positive one here to prevent a 4-hit combo of mediocrity. I beat Nayuta no Kiseki earlier this month, but didn’t feel like interrupting my Rewrite HF posts so I held off reviewing ’til now.

If you’ve been following Japan gaming news then you’d probably see that the latest Legend of Heroes games, dubbed the Kiseki series, have gotten quite popular. Amazing world-building, likeable characters, and a meticulously explained complex story has won over many hearts for Falcom’s RPG series. In fact, the Kiseki games got so popular that Falcom decided it was a good marketing strategy to release a spin-off with a different world setting and gameplay style under its name to make it sell better. It worked (3-digits in the first week), so who can blame them?…

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