PS1 Classics and the PSP

Shoryuken 4 U

I’ve never had a real interest in handheld games. I got a Nintendo DSi for my birthday a few years back and I can count on one hand the number of times I played it. I guess gaming on a tiny screen never appealed to me. So when the DSi XL came out–with it’s more appropriately sized screens–it sort of piqued my interest in handheld gaming. I bought one and enjoyed obsessively playing Animal Crossing for about 2 months until I once again became bored. Honestly, there just aren’t enough games I enjoy on the Nintendo DS to merit me keeping the thing. During my recent quest to find some decent JRPG’s for the PS3, I happened to come across a few games on the PSP that seemed like they’d be worth a try. Unfortunately, I don’t currently own a PSP and it would take more than3 or 4 games to merit purchasing a new…

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